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We want you to get the best experience possible, no matter where you’re at in the kitchen. To ensure a millimeter-perfect fit and finish, Servco can take care of entire the build or renovation process. We’ll handle getting the dimensions. We’ll handle the unexpected challenges. We’ll handle building you a professional-grade foodservice experience, from start to finish. 


Curious what the cost of a counter would be with different setups? Want to see options for maximizing the space you have with the money you have to spend?  Servco can run the numbers for you to make sure that you’re in budget for your foodservice customer ahead of the bidding process. 


Servco is happy to be your partner, not just your supplier, when it comes to the fabrication and installation of foodservice counters. Our Engineering staff, led by Derrek Pease, each has over 20+ years of experience in the custom fabrication industry. We can work with you to help design any custom fabrication projects and ensure they meet UL and NSF standards.

Guaranteed Wall Plans (GWP)

Often on construction projects, the schedule doesn’t allow for the lead time on-site custom fabrication requires once the walls are all up. In these cases, Servco will provide a GWP to confirm measurements with your project’s general contractor and ensure a precise fit. We can then complete the fabrication off-site and deliver the new pieces once the schedule allows.

Laser Field Checking

Getting precise measurements for your custom fabrication seems simple, in theory: You take Servco’s initial drawings to the jobsite to measure, mark up the drawings and send them back to us for production. This works fine for straight lines, but once curves, angles and out-of-square walls are involved, the measuring process gets complicated.

Bringing Servco in to handle measurements can really add value to your project—saving precious time and guaranteeing accurate measurements.

Using a Leica Field Laser, we shoot all the walls and get dimensions down to one sixteenth of an inch. It also tells us if walls are out of square, so we can build our fabrication accordingly and prevent costly remakes.

This service is priced up on a job-to-job basis. 

3D Design

Every piece we deliver goes through full modeling in Autodesk Inventor after the customer approves the initial drawings. This critical step lets us see all the details of the counter in 3D, ensuring fit and finish is perfected at the drawing stage rather than in final assembly. It also gives our customers a chance to visualize and understand their designs more accurately. With Inventor models, we can also coordinate with the Building Information Management (BIM) team and import the as-built models into their Revit drawings for future coordination.

In other words, we take every design and make sure it’s perfected before it comes to life on the shop floor.