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Fabricating a New Standard for the Foodservice Industry.

We understand the fast-paced, high-demand environment of the professional kitchen. After all, we’ve been building them for customers of all sizes since 1947. When durability, efficiency and consistency matter most, Servco’s manufacturing expertise is second to none.

Why Choose Servco?

Continuity. Control. Confidence: We keep these three simple concepts in mind, no matter the size of the project. That’s because we want foodservice customers to trust that our installations will continue to serve up a consistent end product—day-in and day-out—whether their kitchen resides inside a hotel, university or correctional facility.


We consider fabrication to be equal parts art and craft, and it shows in our end product.


A commercial kitchen should be built like a tank. No questions asked.

Fit & Finish

Accurate alignment. Exact spacing. Heavy-duty fastening. We strive for precision in every detail.