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Domundos at Brady Commons
Pomodoro Pizza at Brady Commons
Salad Bar at Brady Commons
Sushi Bar at Brady Commons
Coffee Shop at Brady Commons

University of Missouri - Brady Commons (In Progress)

Job: UofM - Brady Commons
Architect: Architect
Engineer: Engineer
Consultant: Consultant
G.C.: V.C.C.
Project Manager - Gary Maddox


Brady Commons was a large scale addition and renovation on the existing student center at the University of Missouri. This addition included an impressive new food service facility to serve their student population. The new facility is home to a sushi bar, coffee shop with a roaster, Wood Stone pizza ovens and a self service shop. The job included high end finishes and equipment along with a fit and finish that had to be extremely precise in order to fit the unique curved layouts.

Fabrication and Installation Challenges:

The fabrication process required counters to be built on a curve and allowing for the proper radius for the finishes to be applied. The tops were made of a bend of different materials, which all had to be taken into account and verified prior to the begining of work.