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Robert A. Young Federal Building (In Progress)

Job: R.A.Y. Federal Building
Architect: Team 4

Consultant: D.G.G. Inc.
G.C.: Hoff Construction
Project Manager: Gary Maddox


Part of the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act, the demolition and remodel of the kitchen at the Robert Allen Young Federal Building was a job featuring LEED certification of our materials, a fabrication schedule that required ALL of the work to be done before demolition began, and monthly inspections of all buyouts and fabricated equipment by the government consultant. The requirement that the kitchen remain open at all times during construction, made the job a tough task, but one that Servco excels at.


Schedule Management:

The kitchen is typically the last item that goes into the job. This means that fabrication usually occurs while the job is in progress. On this job the fabrication had to be 100% completed before demolition could occur. This meant that Servco had to build with only guaranteed dimensions, and still ensure a perfect fit.

Due to the kitchen being in operation during working hours, our installers were required to work nights, weekends, and holiday weekends in order to have the kitchen back up in operation by 5am the following workday.

Design Revisions:

Last minute changes to the kitchen require a quick coordination between the food service contractor, Architect, and General Contractor. This job had a major revision to the grille area that had Servco reworking a counter, getting a brand new overhead ordered and delivered, and a new redesigned hood that had to be fabricated and shipped in five days. Our project manager coordinated all the fabrication and ensured all buyouts were on the job at the per the schedule.