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A rough overview of the middle school kitchen remodel.
A closeup of the servery counter at Ladue Middle School.
Another closeup of the servery counter at Ladue Middle School showing the detail on the powder coated panels and the custom overhead.
A shot from the rear of the servery counter.
Another shot from the rear of the servery counter.
This photo details the custom color matched doors on the back counters at Ladue Middle School.

Ladue Conway Middle School

 Job: Ladue Conway Middle School
Architect: Christner

Engineer: KJWW Engineering
Consultant: The Geiger Group, Joe Geiger
G.C.: S.M. Wilson
Project Manager: Gary Maddox


Schedule Management:

This rehab project held many of the same conditions as its sister project, Ladue Horton-Watkins High School. The drawings couldn't be drafted until demolition was complete, which couldn't occur until school let out. The short time frame for all of Servco's scope to be completed made the job more complicated and that is where Servco shined. 


Fabrication and Installation Challenges:

One of the unique aspects of the Middle School was that the Health Department required that the counters had to be built so the end user (the students) could have easy access to the lunch items. This required lowering the counters 4" to accommodate the height of children. Since this job was being installed at the same time as the Horton-Watkins H.S., Servco had to phase  both the projects so that both jobs could be completed simultaneously, with no delays. This project presented fabrication complexities such as custom servery counters with custom powder coated panels and overheads.