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Edward Jones

Job: Edward Jones (Building 1)
Architect: Arcturis
Engineer: Henneman Engineering, Inc.
Consultant: Dennis G. Glore, Inc., Mike Glore
G.C.: McCarthy Companies

Project Manager: Doug Schwartz

Schedule Management:

From day one, this project presented significant schedule management challenges for Servco. Because of a compressed timeline, the deadline for the rough-in drawing submittal nearly coincided with the slab pour date. Several foodservice areas throughout the building were on different schedules, being managed by different crews – with the larger areas requiring sequenced deliveries on the site. Despite these difficulties, Servco managed to handle a complex schedule, and successfully install the project within the time frame allowed.

Design Revisions:

Several major revisions were made to the layout design while the project was in progress. These redesign modifications were incorporated into the project via project change orders, and were made successfully without a hitch in the project timeline.

Owners Engineer Inspections:

The Owner retained an Engineer to perform scheduled, on-site inspections of construction details and to ensure code enforcement. The resulting inspections guided changes to the project mid-stream – an extraordinary step that required a great deal of extra attention and research to accomplish.

Fabrication and Installation Challenges:

The custom fabricated servery counters incorporated products from several other suppliers and fabricators, including complex radius counters and food protector guards, combined with high-end granite finishes.

Subcontractor and Vendor Coordination:

This project had several conditions that posed installation and coordination challenges and required the involvement of several subcontractors. Not only did the custom built equipment require a millwork contractor and a custom stone top manufacturer, but the job site installation also required a refrigeration contractor, fire suppression contractor, electrical contractor, and a plumbing contractor – all successfully contracted and coordinated by Servco.